Technology and data drives everything we do for you.

Bell & Clements have always been pioneers of technology in the market, a tradition that continues today.

From data analytics to risk modelling to artificial intelligence and automated rating engines, we use every tech tool at our disposal to give us, and you, the edge required to successfully mitigate risk in the modern world. This devotion to digital is all part of our innovative approach to working. We are constantly searching for new, easier and more productive ways of operating and more often than not, technology plays a crucial role in delivering that.

We are proud to have played an integral role in the London tech revolution from the earliest days and we have always done that with and for the benefit of our partners and clients.

We work with the best system vendors in the market to streamline our ability to trade with you, making the transfer of data easier and more efficient and eliminating the need to re-key data and submit bordereaux submissions monthly. We are leading in the war on keystrokes.

Our digital innovation goes beyond the transference of data. It delves deep into how engage with you.


We completely changed how risks were managed on bordereau by replacing PDFs, complex spreadsheets and inconsistent methods of data capture with the development of a standardised bordereau template. We also developed the first London Market system capable of capturing and validating bordereaux data.


This year saw the launch of The Bridge, our web-based data management portal. This provides our clients and partners with a central point of access for some of the most important aspects of their relationship with us including:

  • Form libraries
  • Underwriting guidelines
  • Underwriting analysis and reports
  • Property underwriting tools
  • Claims reports
  • Real-time XML/JSON bordereaux processing


In collaboration with clients and partners, we pushed The Bridge to the next level to enable it to collect standardised data in real time using our in-house engineered solutions, this transformed our data analytics capabilities.

These enhancements allow users to interrogate their data in an intuitive manner and helping them visualise and understand the risks they hold with us, allowing them to make better informed business decisions.


We got on the digital underwriting train early and in this year we introduced data driven pricing with API-based and real-time automated rating engines and issuance systems using big data, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and the most sophisticated modelling capabilities.

At Bell & Clements, the smart use of technology will always play a key role in everything we do. We know that making the most of what the latest technology has to offer will make the difference between being run of the mill and being market leading. We choose to be market leading which is why we continue to invest in technology and the people who run it – for us, for partners and for our clients.

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