We understand that the value of insurance cover is put to the test when a claim occurs.

It’s the reason anyone buys insurance – financial protection should the worst happen. Which is why you’ll find the same level of experience and expertise in our claims service as you do in our underwriting, be that in the UK or in our international operations.

Wherever you engage with our claims team, they have the necessary technical expertise and local market knowledge to ensure that your client’s claim is treated fairly, efficiently and accurately.

And much like our underwriting services, we approach our claims on a case by case basis, be that in providing assistance with catastrophe plans or supporting in claims negotiations. We have a broad range of expertise at our disposal across adjusting, broking and claims processing through Lloyd’s and company markets, a diversity of expertise that allows us to deliver the kind of claims experience you want for your client.

Our services include:

  • 24-hour acknowledgement and handling of notifications
  • Proactive monitoring of claims
  • Prompt collection and settlement of claims

We are dedicated to streamlining the process wherever we can, so we continually invest in new technology and systems, designed specifically for seamless integration with the Lloyd’s CLASS system. Wherever there is an opportunity to cut out the headaches in claims, we will invest to do so.

We access global expertise across the claims supply chain to ensure you have the right people at the right time at your disposal be they adjusters or surveyors, lawyers or third party administrators.

Our responsibility to you doesn’t stop at placement. That’s just the start.


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