Bell & Clements Coverholder Reviews 2023

Dec. 2022
Carmel Vindivich, our Senior Vice President of Operations talks about the 2023 Compliance, Underwriting and Claims Reviews. 

2023 will begin with lots of work for the Bell & Clements team as we begin the process of our Great Lakes SE Compliance Reviews, Underwriting Reviews, and Claims Reviews. Due to the substantial number of required reviews, we have compiled a coordinated schedule for the 2023 year to help make these tasks as easy as possible. Our intent is to coordinate as much as possible the Underwriting and Compliance reviews, so they can be completed at the same time, therefore saving you time. In addition, for those of you who have claims authority, we will coordinate as much as possible to have the Claims reviews conducted with the Underwriting and Compliance reviews.

Bell & Clements conducts Compliance Reviews to assess a coverholder’s compliance function and regulatory requirements to verify there are no gaps in compliance with Great Lakes SE contract standards. This is also a measure to check adherence to regulations, industry standards, laws and policies.

Bell & Clements conducts Underwriting Reviews and Claim Reviews to assure compliance with Underwriting Guidelines and Claims TPA requirements.

A snapshot of the work is as follows:

  •  Underwriting Reviews: 43 Coverholders, 60 contracts
  •  Compliance Reviews: 68 Coverholders, 42 contracts 
  •  Claims: 10 Coverholders, 33 contracts

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Underwriting Manager, or Carmel Vindivich at

Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season!

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